Why You Should Turn Off Your Instagram Location

Instagram uses location data for some features, but it’s easy to turn off location permissions for both Android and iPhone users.

How to Turn off Instagram Location
How to Turn off Instagram Location

Many social media apps like Instagram, cab aggregators, and mapping services use a device’s exact location. To offer personalized services. However, even though many of these apps have access to precise locations. It doesn’t mean that other users have access to that information as well. That said, modern social media apps require a ton of permissions. Including access to the phone’s camera and microphone. Meaning they can sometimes pose a privacy threat if not properly managed.

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When an influencer with over 30,000 followers shared a warning about how Instagram reveals a user’s exact location. When they add a location tag, it caused a massive controversy. The post claimed that criminals were using the shared locations to commit crimes like theft and stalking. But these claims were debunked by Instagram. The app only uses precise location for features like location tags and maps.

For users who would like to disable location permissions for Instagram, it is a fairly easy process that can be done on both Android and iOS devices. iPhone users can go to their Settings app, select the ‘Privacy’ tab, and then tap on ‘Location Services.’ Once on the next page, users should scroll down and choose Instagram. They then have the option to select ‘Never’ to turn off location services for the app entirely, or ‘While Using the App’ to only allow the app access to the user location when the app is being used. Additionally, users can switch off the ‘Precise Location’ toggle at the bottom if they do not want to share their exact location with Instagram.

How to Turn Off Location Access For Instagram On Android

Instagram Location
Instagram Location

You can turn off the precise location on Android, but the steps will vary depending on the brand. On most devices, you can go to the Settings app, select Location, and then go to Location Accuracy. Toggle off the Improve Location Accuracy option to prevent apps from accessing your exact location. However, this could prevent some apps from working properly.

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The default setting for location on Instagram is “Off,” but users can choose to turn on location settings. Whenever they post a photo to let viewers know where that photo was taken. Overall, it is generally a good idea to keep location services off for most apps for safety and privacy reasons. Most apps do not need to know the user’s precise location and even the ones that do mostly only need this information when the app is being used. That means location access for apps like Instagram can be safely turned off when they are not in use.

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