Who Was Chandragupta Maurya? The Story of Chandragupta Maurya

Chandragupta Maurya was the founder of the Maurya Empire of India. According to common traditions, he was a member of the Nandchandra family, fearing the king’s displeasure. He fled to Punjab.

In Punjab, Chandragupta became the leader of the disaffected tribes of Punjab and the border. With the help of his minister Chanakya, he revolted against Greek supremacy and overthrew the Greek government’s influence, and founded a new dynasty within a year. who became known in Mauryan history as his mother.

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After defeating the Greek influence, Chandragupta invaded the kingdom of Magadha, in which the last ruler of the Nanda dynasty was killed. A new era of Indian history began with Chandragupta. Which is of special importance in terms of the unity of North India and the development of Hindu civilization and the expansion of the system of government and the influence of Brahmins. He was the first ruler who subjugated all the states of North India and founded a united government and extended his kingdom from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea. During his twenty-four-year reign (322-298 BC). He fought major battles, the most important of which was against Alexander’s warlord Seleucus.

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Chanakya 283 BC to 370 BC


Chandragupta was Maurya’s ally and Prime Minister. His real name was Vishnu Gupta. He was very intelligent, so the people and the king called him Chanakya, a great thinker, and a great politician. The caste was Brahmin. He had two other names. Kautilya and Vishnu Gupta. He helped Chandragupta a lot. On his advice, Chandragupta conquered Punjab and then dethroned the Nand king of Magadha and occupied it himself. Chankya was a master of wealth and the first-rate genius with a shrewd and scheming mind. But one of his great qualities was that despite being provided with all the luxury goods, he lived a simple life. He lived in a hut near the royal palace. He wrote a book on politics “Artha Shastra” in which the circumstances of Chandragupta are well documented.

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