What Is Twitter’s Blue Tick, And The Importance of ‘Blue Tick’

After the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the head of the US tech company Tesla, while the organizational changes in the social networking micro-blogging site are being discussed, Elon Musk, who always knows how to stay in the news, has made a new announcement.

Elon Musk tweeted on Sunday that the user verification process on Twitter is being changed and changes will be made to the complimentary ‘blue tick’ process after verification.

Although Elon Musk did not elaborate on the changes, his announcement followed reports that Twitter will now charge $20 per month for blue-ticking verified users.

The news of Twitter charging a fee for ‘Blue Tick’ has mobilized social media users around the world and you can imagine the frenzy on Twitter.

We will go ahead and tell you about their views and comments about this, but what is the ‘blue tick’ fee that has been making so much noise, and what is its importance?

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What is Twitter’s ‘Blue Tick’?

Twitter Blue Tik
Twitter Blue Tik

On Twitter, you may have often seen heads of state, politicians, showbiz personalities, writers, journalists, and other high-profile people on their Twitter account with a ‘blue tick’ sign next to their name.

Accounts with this ‘Blue Tick’ are considered verified accounts by Twitter, meaning that the details provided by them regarding their profession, status, and other details are correct.

Accounts with a blue tick on Twitter are considered credible and valid.

Importance of ‘Blue Tick’

The importance of a blue tick on Twitter can be estimated from the fact that if a colleague or friend of yours in an office gets a blue tick on their Twitter account, they are immediately requested to feed or throw a party.

If he is a journalist, he is immediately included in the list of credible and reliable journalists. Sometimes, as soon as you get a blue tick, your followers start to increase immediately.

Blue Tick is currently provided free of charge by Twitter and accounts with it are considered authentic.

But this is not only achieved by verifying your data, Twitter’s algorithm checks the content of your tweets, verified information shared, religious and political views, and other things, as well as your followers. Decides to give you a blue tick on the number.

Therefore, all official Twitter accounts, accounts of heads of state, social and showbiz personalities, and most of the accounts of domestic and foreign well-known journalists and journalistic organizations have a blue tick.

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Considerations on Twitter’s Verification Process and Blue Tick

However, many users around the world, including Pakistan, already have some reservations and concerns about Twitter’s verification process.

In this regard, Asad Baig, head of the non-governmental organization Media Matters for Democracy in Pakistan, said that he has reservations about Twitter’s verification system.

“On the basis of the information I got the blue tick for the Twitter account, my wife, who is also the director of my organization, has been trying for a long time, but she has not been given the blue tick so far.”

He said that in the current economic situation of Pakistan, $20 per month is a good amount and if earlier my work was going on without it and I didn’t care, why should I pay for it now?

Similarly, social media user Kunal Shah wrote that ‘Blue ticks were considered a sign of influence on Twitter, and now if such people pay money for their influence, they will give up their influence and those who are influential. If not, they will buy this badge of honor and try to appear important and respectable. The end result of this is uproar and destruction on social media and perhaps this is the purpose of this decision.

Reaction From Social Media Users

Now imagine how the person who just a few weeks ago fed his friends when he got the Blue Tick would react to the news that he would now have to fork out $20 a month.

Users around the world not only strongly condemned this possible move by Twitter but also expressed questions about the organization’s verification process and future concerns.

Indian user Kasturi Shankar commented, “Hi Elon, how free is a Twitter bird if you charge money for a blue tick?” Expression of freedom of opinion should be free.

Another user wrote, “I think if Twitter had charged BlueTick from the start, many people would have accepted it, but who wants to pay $20 a month along with their own trolling?” And now Twitter is just a trolling place for verified users.

“I’m just making a list of things I can do with $20 a month and I’m not going to pay Twitter to keep my blue tick,” one user wrote.

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