What Is Life? What Are The Colors of Life?

The colors of the universe, the flavors of the species, the heat of emotions such as love and hate, what is necessary to be delighted?

So the answer to all these questions is only one and that is “life” Yes it is life that introduces us to all these things and everything in this universe is important to us only because of life. Beautiful world scenery was meaningless and it is life itself that created the thought of improving lives and we are able to live better in this modern age than in ancient times.

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What is Life?

What Are The Colors of Life
What Are The Colors of Life

What is life? Everyone has his own view of life, his opinion, and his own thoughts. The building of life is based on your ideas and feelings. For some, this life is the cultivation of the hereafter. For some, the name of the welfare of humanity is life. For some, the name of the cord tied to the suffering of a single person is life. In short, the meaning of life is the same for everyone as he thinks of life, so life has a final meaning. Can’t limit it’s different for everyone

According to me, life is a period in that you have to use your abilities by fighting the current difficulties, it is the name of the effort to convince yourself, which must be discovered before doing, then refine it and bring it forward and prove yourself. To do this is to wait for a miracle, to hope for some unseen help, and to remain oblivious creates the malaise in your life that leads you to aimlessness and depression and start hating the beautiful thing like life itself. do it and are forced to live a death-like life. Remember to live a beautiful life you have to make your thinking beautiful. Your beautiful thinking can give you a beautiful life.

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