What Is A Cloud Burst? When Do Clouds Burst?

Think of a cloud as a huge balloon of millions of tons of water. Which is carried by the winds from one place to another. but does not fall.

What Is Cloud Burst
What Is Cloud Burst

It moves to and fro at the command of its Lord. But it does not rain unless commanded by God. There is as much difference between the sky and the earth as the sky and the rain. Rain falls from the sky in the form of billions of tiny drops like a shower, it does no harm. But as a beauty and a rhythm. Clouds drop some water and then stop or pass by stopping the rain. But the bursting of the cloud is as different as the earth and the sky.

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A cloud burst is just like punching a hole in a huge water balloon. And let all the water out in a torrent. On reaching a certain area, the clouds explode with a sudden explosion and pour millions of tons of water into one place. Causing terrible destruction. This is called a cloudburst.

My Dear Readers! It is found in the traditions that when the storm Noah came. it was not raining, but clouds were bursting, and water was falling from the sky like a waterfall.
However, if the amount of rain exceeds 100 mm per hour. It is called a cloud burst. When does this happen…?

When Do Clouds Burst?

Cloud Burst
Cloud Burst

When warm air rises in an area or a geographical area where the air hits the mountains and rises up (orographic lift). It carries the raindrops from the cloud up with it. They cannot come to earth. In this situation, due to condensation in the cloud. These drops become precipitation. And take the form of large water drops or sometimes hail. As their weight increases, they begin to fall to the ground. Resulting in heavy rainfall in a short period of time and a flood situation.

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