TikTok Sound Effects: How to Make Your Videos More Professional

You’re all set to share your new video on TikTok, but there’s something missing—the sound effects! While you can set the background music in your app preferences. It’s not enough to make your videos truly great if you don’t include TikTok sound effects. There are many types of sound effects on TikTok: Background music and Keywords, the latter of which includes Clapping, Laughing, and Keyboard Typing. Learn how to add Sound Effects to your video here!

If you want your TikToks to look more professional, try using studio sounds like clapping or keyboard typing. You can learn how to add Sound Effects to your videos, which will give them a more polished look. Users often resort to paid outside sources to get specific results. But the more TikTok adds to its platform, the more convenient and cost-saving it becomes for content producers.

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TikTok’s latest update includes several new features and improvements that focus on helping creators produce and share their content more easily in one place. Some of the new features, like the Photo Mode, are designed to help with the filmmaking process. Others, like the new Sound Effects feature, focus on post-editing and include studio-quality audio clips of things like audience clapping and transitional noises to make videos look polished.

To add studio sounds to a TikTok, start by opening the app and begin a new recording by pressing the ‘+’ button. Add any pre-filming edits, such as filters and effects, then record the video. Once you’re finished, tap the checkmark to move into the post-editing stage. On the menu located to the right of the screen, select ‘Adjust Clips’. When the menu appears, select the ‘Sound’ icon at the bottom followed by ‘Sound effect’. Choose from a wide range of sound effects and tap ‘Use’. To transition the display back to the Adjust Clips menu, with the sound available on the editing board. Select the ‘Save’ button when you’re finished. Moving the sound to the desired location of the video is easy – simply use the arrows to lengthen or shorten the audio clip. You can also find the audio adjustment located below the filmstrip. If you need to revert to a previous adjustment, select the ‘Undo’ arrow. It’s really that simple!

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What The Sound Effect Options are Available on TikTok?

How To Add TikTok Sound Effects
How To Add TikTok Sound Effects

While there may not be as many audio clips available as Canva, TikTok still has plenty of options to choose from. With 12 tabs, each containing over 15 different clips, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. The ‘Mechanical’ menu includes noises such as a digital camera shutter and keyboard typing. While the ‘Daily Life’ menu features more everyday sounds like a door opening or chopping vegetables.

There are also tabs such as ‘Human Voices’ and ‘Horror’. This amount of sound is a good starting point for typical users, packed with plenty of possibilities. However, more advanced content creators are likely to stick to their third-party software for greater control and flexibility.

TikTok offers a suite of editing features that can make your videos look more professional. These include text-to-speech voices, motion effects, and transitional features. Experiment with them to produce high-quality TikToks that will gain you many followers or impress your friends!

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