The Order of Days is A Deception?

The order of days is a deception that has never been thought of as true. Counting months have been left as it is. Days come and go. The confinement of the calendar to the days is human religion. Why should there be only seven days in a week and if there was a week of eight days or sixteen days. then what would be the difference in the passage of day and night!

Man’s instinct was more disorder than order, and knowing this, why was a man afraid of disorder and why did he accept the order as his benefactor?

Random thoughts, mood, flowers blooming in the garden, birds flying in the air, all these are beautiful, useful, good for the eyes, and refreshing for the mind. Finding order in every object or subordinating the object to order destroys its hidden essence. The universe is moving away from the key of completeness and order and is constantly running on incomplete and disorderly synthesis. There is nothing complete, nothing final about it. Curiosity in the whole thing is death. There is an attraction to the imperfect, the constant urge to know makes the object priceless.

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What is the achievement of complete familiarity with the existence of a human being? Ignorance

Not every random item is necessarily incomplete. The magic of chaos is that it assumes both order and chaos. The arrangement of the stars in the sky makes them beautiful or random? No one can make a final decision. The head and every sounding instrument are a collection of chaos. Every invention and every creation begins with randomness. The order had to be made, and chaos was created. It is randomness that makes the forest thick by dispersing the seeds falling from the trees and sticking to the bodies of the bees sitting on the flowers. In order, the forest was cut, the flowers were plucked and the fruits were removed.

The evolution from man to ant is incomplete. It is the incompleteness of evolution that has created variety in life by randomly placing different colors, heights, and characteristics in the DNA of different species. It is the beauty of chaos that saves every species from static and monotony and takes it in a different direction toward a different destination every day.

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