The Dead Sea Some Interesting Facts

The Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea in English and is the largest salt lake in the world. Of course, this is very common information regarding the Dead Sea, which everyone is familiar with, but today I am going to share the information related to the Dead Sea with my astronomy and astrobiology page friends, a large majority of people are not aware of it.

For example, do you know why the Dead Sea is called “Dead”? Or why it has so much salt?
Here are the answers to some of these interesting questions
The Dead Sea is the largest salt lake in the world, with the West Bank and Israel to the west and Jordan to the east. It is also the world’s deepest saltwater lake, with a depth of 330 meters (1,083 feet). The Dead Sea is 67 km (42 mi) long and at most 18 km (11 mi) wide.

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Why is the Dead Sea called “Dead”?

Why is the Dead Sea called Dead
Why is the Dead Sea called the Dead?

The Dead Sea is called “Dead” because it is so salty that it is impossible for any organism to survive in this lake. However, germs of small organisms are definitely found in their bottom. which are not affected by salt. It is a large lake, not an ocean.

Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty?

Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty
Why Is the Dead Sea So Salty

The Dead Sea contains 9.6 times more salt than other seas, even the freshwater of the Jordan River that enters the Dead Sea has no effect on it.
Do you know why the Dead Sea is so salty? The main reasons for this are “rainwater” and surrounding “rocks”.
Since rainwater is acidic and with time it breaks down the rocks and it becomes more acidic, sodium and chloride are added in large quantities this acid, and sodium chloride are also called salt.

The humidity level in the air here is very low.
But the interesting thing is that no matter how long you stay in the sun here, the sun’s rays will not affect your skin.
If you are not fond of swimming or you don’t know how to swim, then the Dead Sea is the best place for you. Due to the salt, the water in this sea is heavy and it does not allow a person to sink he just floats on top of the water.

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How Is the Climate of The Dead Sea for Health?

How Is the Climate of The Dead Sea for Health
How Is the Climate of The Dead Sea for Health

One of the features of the unique climate of the Dead Sea is that you get extra oxygen here, which makes you feel refreshed and calm. Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been regarded as the best for health, and the Dead Sea has always been very popular among medical professionals. And several types of research have proved that this position is helpful in getting rid of diseases quickly. Due to this reason, tourists visit this lake in large numbers.

According to Islamic traditions, the punishment was revealed on the shores of this lake in a previous nation. Either it was the nation of Hazrat Lut (peace be upon him) or it was the nation of Hazrat Shoaib (peace be upon him). Traces of these ruined nations have been found on its banks. Some time ago it was proved that this is the lowest place on the planet. Even today in its coastal lowlands, which was the home of Sodom, there is a lot of sulfur. Perhaps because of the punishment, there are rocky cliffs and no vegetation.
So friends! Which of these Dead Sea facts do you find most interesting?

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