Thank You Speech For Seniors For Welcome Party In Univesity By Muhammad Moghira Siddique

All my highly respected teachers, staff of our department, and my respected seniors, Muhammad Mughira Siddique greets you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am Mohammad Mugheera Siddique, a student of BS. Today I have been given an opportunity by my junior colleagues to thank our seniors for organizing a grand function for us today.

On the first day, we stepped into the university, we were filled with uncertainty and natural curiosity, an unknown fear that is always with us like a demon, what will happen to us here and what will happen to us. But in a few days, this demon of fear was removed and it was known that this is also a house. away from our house Just like our house, a house.

Thank You Speech for Seniors for welcome party
Thank You Speech for Seniors for the welcome party

The bond of knowledge between us under this one roof binds us together like a family. Besides, the good behavior of our seniors. Thanks to a friendly attitude and sincere advice, it is possible to overcome this unconscious fear that flourishes in us. I have no words except that I thank you all. I can especially thank all the teachers.

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I and all my juniors are very grateful to you all for this.
My dear seniors, we will be waiting for your love and support in the coming time.
And yes. You will not expect anything from us in return for this support and love. Except that we will respect you from the bottom of our hearts. Today we are proud to join the family of the history department of Ghazi University.

We assure you that we will be as you expect from us, we will do our best so that not only the teachers but also all of you will be proud of us on such a day. Inshallah

In the end, we pledge that we will pass on the high values ​​and ethical traditions that we have received from all of you to our future colleagues.

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