Teachers Day and Students Psychology

They are not tame but our teachers are not taught how to teach children. And how to leave home and come to school from their domestic problems.
I know dozens of teachers in whose classes even the most spoiled children were able to read well. Because they were able to teach the children.

And I know hundreds of teachers in whose classes even the most intelligent children used to stop studying due to physical and mental violence. Because they have joined teaching not as a profession but as a fashion. And now that fashion becomes the cause of their mental problems and irritation. They do not understand and as a result, they try to get rid of their mental fog by torturing children.

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And the easiest targets for this frustration are school-aged children. They do not avoid anything from passing comments about their body to physically assaulting them even though the problem is not in the child but in them. Which is usually a domestic or biological problem, but the target is the student child.
The problem is not with our children but with those who teach them and send them to study.

Child Psychology

Teachers Day and Students
Teacher’s Day and Students

Telling his bad things to his parents in front of the child is psychological torture done on the child and during this time if the parents do not support the child, then the child cannot build a relationship of trust with his parents for the rest of his life.

Never give another person the right to try to tell you bad things about your child and defend him to someone even if the child is wrong. Otherwise, he will psychologically make himself a prisoner of war. He will feel even worse than the person caught. And this feeling of inferiority will always remain in him.

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Usually, teachers feel very proud that they are telling the child’s parents every single negative thing in front of the child. And they take this as an achievement. Similarly, parents consider it very important to discuss the child’s negative words. The teacher sits in front of the child and reprimands him.

but This act of theirs breaks the child psychologically. The child does not forget their oppression for the rest of his life. If you are a parent, do not force your child or allow anyone to do. So, be it a teacher or a relative. You are not an executioner but a safe house for the child. Be them.

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