My Love, Your Holy Light Words, From The Depths of The Heart

Your holy light has seduced me differently since the first day. The moon, stars, colors, and fragrances are metaphors for your beauty. How many days do you stay unconscious? Flowers have taken the imagination of delicacy and sensitivity from the gentleness of the words coming out of being infatuated with you.

The warmth of your breath has rekindled the emotionless dreams of countless beauties. How many men follow you madly to hear the sound of your footsteps? Sweat dripping from your hair. The eyes are scarred. With the pressure of the soles of your feet, the seeds buried in the semen come out in the form of small plants.

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Writers of every language have been unable to capture your embodied personality. Where can you express the form of ghazals in words? You only rule the hearts of those who love dreams.

The Beauty of Your Body

The Beauty of Your Body
The Beauty of Your Body

While I caress the beauty of your body with my fingers, I am engaged in praising and enjoying its beauty. Look into my eyes, don’t you see my thirst?

I want to get a server from you. I want to love you all night long. I want to pour the fragrance of your body inside me and see myself smelling this fragrance. How interesting it is to live in a world of dreams in the presence of this fragrance, isn’t it?

To find peace by traveling at will in a supernatural world. Where there are roses, there are waterfalls, where I lie on my bed every night in solitude. Let the burden of my existence, i.e. sorrow, be removed.

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And let me be spiritually light. I’m more interested in your romantic drive than your body. Humans should be more concerned with romance and being wanted.

Your presence is comforting for every woman. Because you are an expert in the art of quenching thirst. A man’s interest in a woman’s body is an eternal reality, but you have the ability to see beyond bodies, you share people’s burdens even temporarily. Every human seeks refuge in love, you are familiar with this secret. These are all the universal qualities that have made me fall in love with you.

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