Kola Super Deep Borehole

If we want to go to the other side of the earth just under the city of Lahore. We will have to cover a distance of 20 thousand kilometers, but instead of traveling on the surface of the earth. We should make a square hole on the other side of the earth under the city of Lahore What will happen if you jump into it?

If we succeed in drilling such a hole, we will be on the other side of the Earth in the ocean of South America from where the nearest country is Chile, and that too at a distance of 608 km. If done, the hole will come out in China on the other side.

Scientists Divide the Earth into Three Basic Parts After the Earth’s Surface

  • Mantle.
  • Outer core.
  • Inner core

Man has not been able to cross these three parts to date and if we start drilling on the surface of the earth, about one and a half to three and a half kilometers down we will find the Devil Worm. I have discovered and then beyond the depth of 3600 meters, the temperature will start to rise.

At 4000 meters below the Earth’s surface, the temperature of the Earth will reach 60C, from which we will need ice to cool the atmosphere to drill further down. The higher the height of the highest mountain Mount Everest, the deeper you will be and you will be happy to know that man has gone even further into the earth and called the Kola Super deep Borehole, scientists have so far drilled a hole in the earth up to a depth of 12260 meters. What is it?

At this depth, the temperature of the earth exceeds 180 degrees and the pressure becomes 4 thousand times more than the pressure of the sea level if you reach that point by drilling, you have to drill the hole to survive at that point. There will have to be insulation around that prevents this extreme temperature from entering the hole or you will melt along with your drilling equipment.

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Kola Super Deep Borehole (1)
Kola Super Deep Borehole (1)

If you drill down to 40,000 meters, the second layer of the earth, the Mantle, will start from here, and at this point, the temperature of the earth will reach 1,000 degrees, where iron and silver melt, but the good news is that steel will not melt because the temperature must be above 1370 degrees to melt steel, so you will be able to go further down with a steel drill into the mantle with the top layer of rocks and when you get down to 100,000 meters, your steel drill will stop working and melt and you will need a drill of another metal that doesn’t melt at that temperature.

While drilling, when you reach one and a half million meters down, you will have fun because here you will find countless diamonds, because at this point the pressure and heat of the earth change the structure of the carbon atoms and the diamond comes into being and At this depth of the earth you will find everything including iron and rocks molten like volcanic lava.

If you manage to go further down the earth from this point, the lava will end at a depth of 410,000 meters and the rocks will start again. It does not melt because the Earth’s pressure increases to the point where the molecules cannot melt. So the rocks are formed again.

Outer Core

By drilling, when you reach a depth of 3 million meters, you will find the third layer of the Earth. The Outer Core and this layer are made of iron and nickel instead of rocks, and the temperature of this place is the same as the surface of the Sun. About 5,000 to 6,000 degrees Celsius, this layer is the most important layer of the Earth because it forms magnetic fields that travel out of the Earth’s surface into space, forming a barrier and protecting the Earth’s surface from solar winds. , on this layer of the earth you will find molten iron and nickel and it will take a super material to drill the human intellect has not yet discovered anything that can withstand temperatures above 6000 degrees.

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Inner Core

The other big problem with drilling at this location is that the gravity will be very low and you will need a super submarine that can withstand the pressure and speed and go deeper when you get to the outer core. If you reach further down by drilling, about 500,000 meters below, you will find the inner core of the earth, which is made of frozen iron. Here the gravity will become zero and drilling in this layer of the earth will be more for you. It will be difficult but if you succeed here too, you will reach the center of the earth at about 6.4 million meters below and to drill further from here you will have to climb up instead of going down.

I hope that if you get down to 6.4 million meters, then you will definitely be able to climb out on the other side of the Earth and if you do, there will be a hole across the Earth. And to travel from Argentina to China you will only need an hour and you will do this journey by jumping from one side of the hole and this jump will take you out the other side of the hole.

To jump into this hole in the earth you would have to find many other things like space suits that can withstand the pressure etc. But to date, no human has been able to do that.

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