How To Hide Likes on Instagram?

Do you love Instagram, but dislike having to pay attention to how many likes each of your posts get? If the number of likes your posts receive is not as important as the other ways they can help you network or share things with people. Then you’ll be happy to know that Instagram allows its users to hide their likes. In fact, there are so many reasons why someone might opt not to want to see how many likes each post gets. And it doesn’t mean people aren’t enjoying the content they are putting out there on this social media platform. The most important thing is that people learn how to use their accounts to expand their own personal networks and continue posting things they enjoy doing or sharing interesting content with others.

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Hide your likes on Instagram

You’ve decided you’d like to adjust your Instagram privacy settings so that only you know how your posts are doing in the Instagram popularity contest. Now, it just remains to do some research on best practices to make sure you don’t end up getting caught with your proverbial pants down should something go wrong during the implementation process and get yourself banned from the platform. Knowing that there is a way out though might improve your comfort level somewhat when testing out new features.

How to Turn off Likes on an Instagram Post Before Posting it


Turning off likes on an Instagram post before posting adds a layer of privacy to your activity. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create your Instagram post like you normally would.
  2. When you get to the final screen before posting, scroll to the very bottom and tap Advanced Settings.
  3. At the top of the screen, tap to toggle on the button next to Hide Like and View Counts on This Post.
  4. Tap the back arrow and then hit Share to post your image or video.

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How to Hide Instagram Likes on a Post You Already Published


Hiding Instagram likes on posts you’ve already shared is just as easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Navigate to a post where you want to hide Instagram likes.
Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner above your post.
Tap Hide Like Count.
That’s it! Where your like count usually lives, it will now say Liked by [x] and others.

Should You Hide Instagram Likes?

One way you can deal with the pressure of so many Instagrammers just waiting for you to mess up is to either hide all your likes or none at all. This lets your followers know that those metrics don’t define you and allows you to focus on what really matters, while still garnering attention. If you are using Instagram to become an influencer then it might be a good idea not to hide them entirely, but instead, present them in a way that makes it harder for others to tell how many likes each post is getting this will help keep visibility high! However, there is one thing worth remembering: the photo’s value and quality should speak for themselves! So whether or not you show your own likes – the end result should be something amazing.

How to Hide Likes On Other Instagram Accounts


Want to see if you have new followers on Instagram but don’t like the idea that your updates will be inundated with likes? In this case, go under your account settings and toggle off “Highlights”. This nifty feature lets you know who follows you too. Then, turn off notifications so as not to get bombarded with constant likes or comments. Doing this allows you to better concentrate on posts that are more meaningful and resonate with you. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap the menu in the upper right and choose Settings.
  3. Hit Privacy.
  4. Tap Posts.
  5. Toggle on the button next to Hide Likes and View Counts. When you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, you will no longer see like counts on posts.

How to see likes on Instagram again

You can toggle like-hiding on or off for your Instagram account at any time by navigating through Settings > Privacy and Security > Likes. You can also do this on individual posts. If you don’t want to hide likes on an individual post, just tap on the three dots in this case located below the photo and select Unhide Like Count.

If you’re looking to get even more out of your Instagram profile, it’s always useful to have a genuine understanding of the various options that come with owning and controlling your own Instagram handle. And while everybody has Instagram in different ways, there are some features that we can all get behind! For example, did you know that you can hide likes on Instagram posts? While this might seem like an unnecessary and minor feature, it’s actually quite empowering for anyone who takes pride in their own posts and their Instagram feed as a whole.


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