How To Tag Friends On Instagram Before (And After) Posting A Photo Or Video

Social media is a great way to connect with friends, family, and fans, but at the same time, it can be a challenge to tag friends on social media. This blog will help you know how to tag friends on Instagram before (and after) posting a photo or video.


Every day, Instagram users share millions of images and videos. This means that there are far more interactions between accounts as well. Users can tag people in their posts on Instagram. And they now have the ability to create posts together. This is one way that Instagram has evolved over the years. Now, users who own an account can create a post together with another user who owns an account on Instagram by using the new update that allows this function.

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As an app, Instagram has flourished with a lot more features being introduced over the years. One popular feature is the ability to tag other users in photos and make memories more memorable as a result. But users can also tag their locations, set reminders – directly from inside the app – sync up with music, and even collab with other people on posts by mentioning them in it or tagging them.

Users have the option to tag people that appear in their photos or videos before they upload them. Before beginning, a user must find the Instagram post that they want to upload and make sure that it’s ready for sharing with Instagram users. Once this is done, a user should press the arrow at the top right of the screen on Android and tap on next on iOS to open up other options related specifically. When it comes down to tagging people in posts. On most mobile devices this will bring up a new menu from which users can select who they want to tag in their posted media. The easiest way for someone to do this is by selecting the Tag People option, tapping on any person in either the photo or video itself, and selecting the friend’s account that appears afterward.

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How To Tag Friends After Posting On Instagram?

To Tag friends after posting a photo on Instagram, users should go to their profile. Go to the post and then tap with three fingers on the screen. Then they can tap on ‘Edit‘ in the interface that appears. In the dropdown menu that comes next, users should tap on ‘Tag People’. Then they can tap with one finger on someone in the photo or anywhere in the video to enter their friendsusernames into the field. Finally, drag down with one finger onto ‘Done‘. And then tap with four fingers below it. Once done, users should be able to come back to a post and tag their friends or other people in it.

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If users tag other people in their posts, those tagged get a notification. And Instagram limits tagging to 20 people. If someone tags someone using an Instagram account with the word “creator” next to it. For example, they can include their profile type by tapping on the “Tag Info’ button located under their username. On Android and iOS devices, this also works if users cannot tag someone from within a post. When this happens, it means that person has changed all messages posted on his/her profile to private or muted.

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