Horror Café By Zafar Jee

The purpose of taking Rehan Malik to the “Horror Cafe” was to free him from the fear of ghosts – to tell him that ghosts hide compulsive humans.
Since 2015, “Kabab Jees” serving snacks in Karachi has introduced the first Horror Cafe” in the Muhammad Ali Johar Society. It can be called Pakistan’s first scary restaurant – a great business idea that hardly ever came to anyone’s mind – however, one has to admit that “fear” is a great business tool.

The front of the cafe is black tiles decorated with blood-red spatters – fake torches are lit on either side of the entrance – and a sinister witch peeks through the window – pedestrians. To get the attention of this witch. She also makes a loud “how” from time to time.

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Horror Café By Zafar Jee
Horror Café By Zafar Jee

For some time, Rehan Malik and this witch had a fight of “Hoo Hoo” – To inspire the ghost, Rehan Malik started making noises, so we got him out of there saying, “Son, he is a ghost and scare you with money.” So, what happiness do you waste energy on?
Inside a small hall, the chairs were lined up as if a movie was going to be played on the screen – ladies and gentlemen were visiting there – most of them were young couples.

A young man, Mr. Jamal, used to distribute the admission slips at the counter – we also took our slips and asked how much it is. He smiled and said it was free.
We started to go in happily shrugging Nihal’s shoulders, then Hajib stopped us to stay in the hall – when your number comes, then we will go.
Some five minutes later the number came – they entered the cafe with a sigh – there was a faint red light inside, which would be more accurate if called semi-darkness – Yesaul led the way and we sat around a table.

In no time, a heart-rending cry rose up in the air and the sounds of hungry wolves began to echo everywhere. just as they were thinking of fear, a hunchbacked witch dressed in a black burqa entered from the side door.

This witch went to the table one by one and started scaring people. She also came toward us and tried to scare us. We explained to Rehan Malik that, son, there are people hidden inside ghosts and witches who are forced to fill the stomach in hell. They wear a scary masks – nothing to be afraid of them at all.
After that, smoke was released from the ceiling and the atmosphere became smoky. Just like an airport smoking room – after which several witches and ghosts appeared around and tried to scare the couples sitting in the hall. began to.

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The whole cafe echoed with the screams of the girls – then they got scared and clung to their gulfs and the gulfs laughed and looked gratefully at the ghosts who had created these beautiful moments of intimacy. This was the climax of the show.
After about ten minutes of yelling and screaming, the witches finally relented and came. Menus were placed on the tables. The cheapest “dish” was plain water, one hundred and eighty rupees a bottle!!

However, after thinking carefully, we ordered a frothy coffee which is called Cappuccina – we enjoyed sipping coffee in a calm environment, but while paying the bill of 12 hundred and fifty rupees, we definitely felt a little fear that we have to go home and pay the bill –
After going to the horror cafe, although the fear of ghosts disappeared from Rehan Malik’s mind, it is a pity that this visit did not turn out to be good for him.
He got very negative inspiration from there and could not have some good effects on his personality-
Earlier they were afraid of unseen ghosts, now they started to scare people by becoming ghosts themselves.

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