Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria

Bringing Coleridge’s work to light has been a big but gratifying experience for me personally. Among the literary critics. Coleridge’s name is not only because of his creativity. But also because of adding the bricks of philosophy to the building of criticism.

This approach was inspired by German philosophers. In the early days, Coleridge came under the influence of associative psychology. He believed that the creative power of man is immobile and imagination is passive. But his view changed after reading Kant and other philosophers. And then Coleridge said Emphasizing that it is indeed an active process.

Coleridge's Biographia Literaria
Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria

Where the concept and image of beauty are within the human existence and this idea comes out from there. Then society accepts it. This process is universal. Coleridge’s most famous work that shows his genius is “Biographia Literaria” which is based on literary criticism along with his own philosophy and ideas. The chaos, disorganization of topics, and disorganization of ideas in this book show the originality, subtlety, and excellence of Coleridge’s thinking. An eccentric man of such extremes that he intended to write many books in his letters which were never written.

In 1794, Coleridge left Cambridge University before completing his studies, together with Robert Southey (the poet). Set out to create a society (Pentel-Sacracy, where all are equal and where all are sovereign), but this intention was also Somewhere hit by the slap of time. Later Mr. married Sarah Fracker but then fell in love with Sarah Hutchinson and turned to drugs.
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Coleridge’s meeting with Wordsworth and traveling to Germany played a major role in his becoming a poet and critic. In his criticism, Coleridge, using Aristotle’s ideas, said that poetry is a reflection of human nature and man on a romantic level by describing truth and reality. And this reflection is possible through his creative effort. Doing so invokes a relationship between the particular and the general. Reality and ambiguity, subject and representation. It is this power through which the poet creates something that indicates the creator and is original and creative in itself.

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