Benefits of Spinach

Our region is very fertile in terms of food. Each region has its own gift for each season. In the plains of Punjab, although winters are rare, the longer the winters, the longer the greens last. Yes, that dish of Punjab, which takes a whole day to prepare, the strong women of the house and sometimes men too. Hey, why? In my own house, I cook greens together with my brother, he separates the leaves and I cut them. We don’t buy greens from around, but we order greens from one of our special greengrocers in Poonch Road, Lahore, because he brings canal water greens.

Spinach fields
Spinach fields

It is a matter of reciprocity that in our flag the green color represents greens and the white color represents butter. The rest of the third is up to you, say whatever you want. Now that winter has announced its arrival in Lahore too, it means that the arrival of greens has also started. A neighbor of ours used to say to my mother that in the winter months, his status becomes like a person in the house. Is not as common as sag ki, phrases such as “Aru sag kahi hai” are frequently heard in most groups.

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But my aunt Nani used to tell Amma to cook some other curry to change the color of the motion. Apparently, when one-day greens, one-day spinach meat, well no one can see the meat in it but green. Color spinach is enough to burn the heart and then potato and fenugreek. Because when greens are to come, then spinach and fenugreek must come. Old people cleverly do that if we were getting good and cheap, we brought it. It definitely happens to me. Brother has the same position. It was getting good, so I brought more and Siapa is dear to me.

Sleep! Let it be said that cooking greens on thirty days of the year, but eating them is obligatory for every man and woman, then it will not be wrong. Now, just understand in the language of science, calcium, potassium, steel, and phosphorus are present in sufficient quantity in greens. Let me say one thing if greens are available apart from the green color, then the girls will happily eat them. That hey Sag.

By the way, moms are very emotional about Saag saying, “Hey, I spent all day cooking handi for you guys. If you don’t finish the food on top, son, you have to eat again, because dad can’t stand it in front of moms,” Sadie said. Oh, major King Cornbread is indispensable with greens, but those who do not know how to cook, like me, live on parathas.

And yes, every time a person claims that they have never eaten greens, they are either lying or
Then he doesn’t live in Punjab, because saag is famous all over the country and if it is not cooked in homes, it is available in restaurants, it just has to be cold. And if a distant relative from Punjab goes out as a guest and does not bring greens with him, then either he is not a relative or he is not a guest.

Say one of the most important qualities or flaws of Saag, which irritates everyone except mothers, is that it cooks for a day and lasts for a week. People who know Saag closely will know it well. If the taxpayer is bad, then he himself is never bad. And after a long day of searching on the internet, I also found out that history is silent about the greens as we used to get silent by seeing the greens in front of us every day.

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The Benefits of Greens are Given Below


A favorite and easily available winter vegetable, greens have innumerable benefits. While the native mustard leaves grown in Pakistan and India are smooth in texture, another type of mustard leaves are curved and have an earthy taste.

Healthy & Glowing Skin

Mustard greens are rich in vitamins ABCE and K. Vitamins AC and K enter the body and act as antioxidants to fight free radicals and remove toxic effects from the bloodstream, resulting in fine wrinkles, nails, acne. Lines and dark spots disappear or diminish.

Keep The Heart Healthy

Mustard greens are rich in nitrates and magnesium, they contain phytochemicals along with fatty acids, all of which are essential for good heart health. Makes sure
Similarly, magnesium controls blood pressure, which causes dilation of blood vessels, and other components keep the heart healthy by preventing the effects of harmful substances circulating in the body.

Beneficial For Eyesight

Antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin in greens are essential for vision and prevent age-related diseases such as vision loss and cataracts.

Beneficial For Cholesterol & Liver

High blood cholesterol is a major cause of metabolic disorders, our liver is constantly working to produce bile, which helps in the digestion of fats and certain vitamins, but the liver becomes inflamed as a result of oxidative and chemical stress. It increases the risk of various diseases.
Mustard greens are beneficial in that they prevent the accumulation of cholesterol by improving the association with bile.

Improve Memory

With aging, memory starts to weaken. Green leafy vegetables are beneficial for mental health. Mustard greens are also one of them. Boiled leaves and drinking a cup of it daily improves memory but also reduces mental age. The iron and calcium present in this green also improves brain development in children.

Relief From Constipation

The fiber and folate in greens are good for bowel activity. Eating a small number of mustard greens provides the body with 3 grams of fiber, which relieves constipation.

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