A Happy Birthday Letter To My Best Friend

I am writing this for you in the form of a letter, that is, if only you read it, I will understand that the compensation has been received, and that is why I have no fear of length in it, nor a desire for formality. Because of all of my personality. The flawed aspects are obvious to you. They are just some scattered words that you can choose and give some meaning to. Otherwise, you should consider them as a sign of love and preserve them. There is no meaning in things being cheap or expensive in love.

An era of your friendship has passed, if you touch the memories etched on your mind. You can see two incomprehensible children on the bench of the academy. Who have no idea about the world and do not care. Their heads are on the desk. It is confined to the person who listens carefully.

letter best friend birthday
letter best friend’s birthday

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It seems like only yesterday we were making trouble together and now another year has passed. You’re not only one of the most amazing people I know, but you’re also my best friend.

The relationship between their sadness and happiness is not external but internal. When one is happy, the other is also smiling, and when one is sad, the other’s tears are visible. Children are growing up and the freedom of consciousness is also being lost. They are learning ethics and the logic in relationships is also coming to be tested.

Do you remember how many evenings we spent telling each other movie stories, relatives’ bitterness, and parents’ exploits? And then hearing the same stories again and again and feeling a new smile and a new feeling every time? It has been a part of life, when we were small, we were not related to understanding. One used to cry and the other would celebrate. How easily this journey of friendship and friendship was settled.

After fighting for a little more time, I came to know that smiles in the world are not only for happiness, poisonous smiles and sarcastic smiles came to be known when conspiracies started against us. Whether it was your prominent seat in exams or my skill in foreign affairs. Questions began to arise, how interesting that we were introduced to words like conspiracy and plan only when we were entering boyhood.

I don’t forget the fun times when we used to yell at each other in front of the class and my anti-group would walk around to you and your anti-group to me. Rudd used to say that so and so said about me and I would tell you what he had to say, in the same way. You would know what apparent friends are actually suffering from.

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letter to a best friend on her birthday
letter to a best friend on her birthday

After a long time when this secret of ours was revealed in the class. Everyone’s faces were worth seeing, how cruel the time is. Today it is possible for the reader to find all these things cringe, but it was our laughter. The happiness that we Live openly.

As we climbed the steps of age, so much maturity came into our relationship. my consent was necessary in every decision of yours and every decision of mine was subject to your permission, many times both fell like fools and got up laughing with each other. And many times, even if success was achieved. They would give thanks while embracing each other.

It is not that there is no bitterness between us. An Iranian thinker writes that if two friends have never had a fight. Then understand that the relationship is not done with the heart, but with the mind, and in our relationship logic, logic and mind have never existed. No, if there is a benefit, then both of them should if there is a loss. Then both of them will suffer. But we were so strange that even if we were not talking to each other. You would not be found anywhere where I was not.

Even though we were angry, we would smile at each other’s successes and be sad at each other’s failures. You may not remember because, in terms of memory, I am ahead of you. One of our teachers said that you are ideal friends for both of us and I laughed uncontrollably at that.

If I sit down to write, there is a boundless sea of ​​memories that will not come to an end even after the end of time and money. That’s why I am just moving the pen so that tens of thousands of feelings that we have lived can be written on paper. Today is your birthday and your first day in MBA classes at Zest. I don’t know which of the two you are happier about your birth or this success. You like to travel that’s why you travel. Yes, but I am tired of both life and travel, I always want to see you succeed.

I want you to see and fulfill my every dream and one day when I die anonymously from this world. You write my story and introduce me to this world. It has been given but it is true that I am not writing this article. But I am living the time and the past time when a person lives than my friend tears are sure to flow!

I think how sacred was that moment when you were born. God looked down for a moment and said by His authority that your great mother gave birth to you. All the stars bowed down towards the earth and the sky recited verses. The angels rose up and covered the universe with their wings. You are a successful person. A best friend used to desire my life so much! God bless you!

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